Trial system is the work currently in the genre that currently has many applications,
In order to guide more illustrators, it is necessary to produce and submit works appealing to companies that are recruiting.
Works for the trial submitted will be an opportunity for Yellows' art director to see each picture one by one, but to sell your work directly to the company. Many clients have confirmed the work actually submitted and ordered work from illustrator who liked it!

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Regardless of your location, let’s start the illustration work in your own schedule!

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This page is a site introducing 2D Illustration Jobs in Japan.

A bridge connecting you with many 2D illustration jobs from Japanese companies!
Would you like to demonstrate your talents as a 2D illustrator in the creative industry of Japan?
We are looking for a wide range of 2D Illustrators and Art Directors to be in charge of Key Visual, Concept Art and Character Design jobs ordered by Japanese companies. YELLOWS Illustration Team is a highly productive team of high-quality illustration production and majors in producing high-quality 2D Illustration together with our work-at-home 2D Illustrators and Art Directors. With the strict management of the schedule and creative process in all stages from rough design of character or background to line drawing and coloring…, we have met to client’s satisfaction of Japanese Top-class orders.

Process from Registration to Commencement of Work

Member Registration

Fill out all required information in the Registration Page to register as 2D Illustrator.
※Member registration is free.

Work Registration & Subject Submission

Make a portfolio of your own original artworks. Take the Trial test on given subject and submit the work.※Your works are for our company and clients to see as the reference.

Job Offering

Based on your registered portfolio and submitted Trial work, we will offer you jobs coming from Japanese clients whose requirements your portfolio meets.

Commencement of work

Information on the project, its requirements and your wages, etc. will be provided to you. The work shall commence after you confirm and agree to all the terms and conditions

The opportunity of getting a job gets much spread!

Portfolio Registration and Trial Work Submission will help increase
your chances of getting the job!

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Process from Commencement of Work to Final Payment

Production Starting

You will start the project and can consult our Art Director through the website for 2D Illustrators during the process.


At each stage of the process, your work will be checked by the Director and client. We may ask you to make some partial adjustments.

Delivery of Work

After the final check by client, if there is no adjustment needed, you will prepare the data as the designated way then send us.

Remuneration Payment

Payment will be made by transfer after the delivery of work (within about 1 week).※For more details, please refer to the outsourcing contract provided before starting to work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost any money to register or after becoming a member?

It’s totally free. You don’t have to pay any kinds of fee such as entrance fee or membership fee. There’s nothing you should be worried about.

What kind of working environment is required?

You just need a digital drawing environment using graphic software to work. Most used graphic software is Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint Pro and SAI…

When will the job offer come?

After the registration, when there is any job that has requirements of the client company match with your portfolio, the person in charge shall contact you.
It would be easier for us to help you get the right job if you update your latest art works by taking the Trial test and participating in competitions which are held regularly. Please feel free to join us.

Can I refuse the job when introduced?

Yes, after the information of the project has been fully provided, job only starts when you confirm. In this case, you can inform the person in charge of your refusal. Since we will ask you to refrain from leaving the work unfinished once you agree to take it, please consider carefully before deciding whether to accept the job or not.

Can I register as a secondary job?

Yes, you are welcome to register. We have many Illustrators who are working as their secondary job too.
However, there are some companies not allowing their employees to do side job. Please consider carefully before register.

I registered but have not received the registration e-mail.

Please enter your e-mail address in the following link. We will resend the registration mail.
>>To resend registration mail, click HERE.

How does the pay get decicied?

The personnel in charge will determine an appropriate remuneration based on all the conditions such as client’s requirements, deadline of work, Illustrator’s skills and performance in previous jobs or competitions, etc. At YELLOWS, we always make clear about the remuneration of each project when discussing the job so that you can consider and decide whether to take the job or skip it.

When is the deadline of the application period?

There is no deadline for Illustrator registration.
In case of suspension/cancellation of recruitment, we will make announcement on our website.

The offered job is not my desired genre.

As we assign job based on the needs of Client along with Illustrator’s skills, the offered job may not always be as your desire.

How should I register my portfolio?

Please register your original artworks in the following formats: JPG, PNG or GIF. Size of images should be larger than 700 pixel x 700 pixel. (As it would be difficult for us to assess if it’s too small.)

How many artworks can I register in my portfolio?

The number of registered works is not limited. The more art works you submit the easier for us to get you the right job. So we recommend you attach as many as possible in your portfolio.

What kind of illustration is recommended?

There is no particular designation. However, social game illustrations such as character (whole body/bust up), monster, background illustrations…are recommended since it will be more in line with client’s requirement.

Can I register Fan art ・ Copyrighted works?

Yes, you can register Copyrighted art work including Fan art.
You are assured that any art work you provide will not be disclosed to the public.

Can I keep my portfolio private and hidden from the public?

Your portfolio will be seen only by our company. We do not use your portfolio in any purpose other than evaluating your skills and making recommendation to our client. For that reasons, there should be no problem if you register your Copyrighted art works.

Can I publish illustration or text of the project I take?

Due to confidentiality obligations in the outsourcing contract, it is fundamentally prohibited to disclose the work. However, there may be some cases of work that are allowed. In case you want to publish it, you must contact the person in charge for the permission.

Who will own the copyright of work?

The copyright and other intellectualproperty rights of work will be transferred to our company at the time of the delivery of work.

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